New Repair Ticket

This repair reporting tool will ensure your repair is logged by our management system so that a contractor can be allocated to complete the repairs needed.

EMERGENCY REPAIRS : If your repair is an EMERGENCY such as an electrical fault, major leak or safety issue you must use the tool and call our office on this number 0141 649 3948 Monday -Friday Between 9am to 5pm or call out of hours emergency repairs number 0141 840 4706

Our maintenance team will attend accordingly and within their schedule and by completing this form, consent to enter the property is granted. If you wish to be present then please state this clearly in the details section

BOILER REPAIRS : please take a closer picture of water pressure dial and any error codes.
-make sure you have money in the meter
-boiler is turned on from the mains
-make sure boiler pressure is sitting between 1-2( It's tenant's responsibility to repressurise the boiler)

The title of your repair issue

Please add a few details of the repair required.

I confirm if the issues raised on this form are found to be the tenants fault or a breach of the tenancy agreement then a fee maybe incurred.

Please include a photo if possible