Landlord Checklist

(Please apply for this registration ASAP and provide the reference number to AVJ Homes)

[At a cost of £35.00 + VAT for vacant periods & £55.00 + VAT if an exemption is not in place before we take over management of property].

Please supply the below...

By adding your name below, you agree that in circumstances where a Landlord assumes full responsibility for providing all safety certification on time, this must be provided to AVJ Homes Ltd before the expiry date of the current certification. If you have arranged a gas cover/electricity cover, it will be your responsibility to arrange access for the annul service. Landlord’s must provide valid certification within 7 days of our initial request, otherwise AVJ Homes Ltd reserve the right to action the relevant safety works and bill the Landlord’s account accordingly.

Where landlords want to provide safety certification we shall have no liability whatsoever under these terms and conditions and /or to any tenant and/or you in respect of Gas / electricity inspections, gas safety / electricity and/or renewal

21st May 2024